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Soccer Double FAIL

Epic fails in soccer happen all the time. In fact, we here at Tu Vez have witnessed so many footballistic mishaps that we’re hardly fazed by them. There are exceptions, of course. For example, late last year we let out a “holy sh-t! how could you miss that!” when the players of Greek club Veria FC missed a whopping five scoring opportunities within a span of 12 seconds. At the time, we declared that it was the worst soccer FAIL we’ve ever seen. There may be a new challenger today. During a Dutch league match, Vitesse keeper Eloy Room made the awful mistake of trying to prevent a corner kick after a bad pass by teammate Guram Kashia. This was a terrible error because Room’s decision left the goal wide open for De Graafschap’s Hugo Bargas. Luckily for Room (and us, lovers of ineptitude), Bargas missed the easy shot.

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