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Soccer Player Responds To Getting Stepped On With A Headbutt

It’s time for another episode of “Would You Rather” (yes, we know that’s a recurring Comedy Bang Bang bit. We listen to the podcast, too, so chill!). Today’s options: having your head stepped on with soccer cleats vs. a headbutt to the chest a la Zinedine Zidane. The above video comes from yesterday’s Champions League match between Spanish squad Villareal and Danish club Odense. During the game, Odense’s Andrews Johansson accidentally kicked/stepped on the back of Villareal’s Borja Valero. Valero, in turn, got up and headbutted Johannson in the gut.

To answer our own question, we would much rather get headbutted, especially if we’re on the pitch. That would allow us to fulfill our lifelong dream of falling to the floor, flail around like a fish out of water, and grab our head just like Marco Materazzi.


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