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That’s Why They Call It The Jumbotron

We Americans have the smallest attention spans in the world. We flip channels during commercials, eat fast food, and demand faster Internet speeds. So, it is no wonder that when you go to a sporting event, the teams fill the void between action with stupid crap on the jumbotron. Originally, the screen was to show a close-up view of the action. Now it’s a giant TV that shows kiss-cams, CGI cartoons, and other crap to keep us all entertained.

Occasionally you get something cool like this video. No, it isn’t some douche proposing to his girlfriend. It is a video of a HUGE dude dancing. You have to respect that a guy this big, being comfortable enough with himself to dance and take off his shirt in front of 60,000 Sixers fans. We also respect the fact that he didn’t have a heart attack.

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