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The Douche In His Natural Habitat

There is a growing phenomenon that threatens the very foundations of our civilization: the douche. These howler monkeys with greased back hair are prowling the nights in search of women, fights, and Jager bombs. The most prominent example is the Italian-American guidos of New York and New Jersey made famous on The Jersey Shore. But we Latinos need to look at our own douche problem. On the streets and in the clubs, more and more Latino men are donning cheap spray on cologne and silk shirts. You see them in New York and LA, and in Miami they have spread like a bad case of herpes to which no Valtrex can penetrate. Until we address this growing trend, no woman or jar of hair gel will be safe.

The good folks at Random At Best have teamed up with the BBC to create this nature documentary that examines the douche in his natural habitat.

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