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The Robot World Cup In Happening This June In Mexico City

We all know that robots will one day take over the world and make us their slaves. This is a given. But, in the meantime we can enjoy watching them do things like build cars and be creepy and Japanese. Well, this year you can go to Mexico City and see the first annual Robot Soccer World Cup! In June, robot nerds from all over the world will converge on Mexico with their Robo-Pele 2000’s, Beckhambots, and Ronaldotrons to see who is the best.

The event will be held at El Palacio De Mineria in Mexico City June 18-24th. The goal is to push the boundaries of robotics and the future possibilities for the sport. Jesus Savage (awesome name!), president of the Mexican Federation of Robotics said, “The goal of the event has an objective and a specific time period: By mid-century we’re looking to have a team of autonomous robots that can win a soccer game against the [human] winning team of the last World Cup.” Yikes.

Via Fox News Latino.

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