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These Ladies Test Condoms, So You Can Get It On Safely

It’s Valentine’s Day! The one day a year where your significant other is contractually obligated to do the no-pants-dance. It is a well known fact that more babies are born 9 months from today than any other date. If your birthday is in mid-November, chances are your parents did it on Valentine’s Day. Ew.

With this in mind, we here at Tu Vez would like to encourage you to use protection tonight. Not just to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also so you don’t have to visit a clinic in a month for a penicillin shot. But are condoms effective? We found this unintentionally hilarious video of the rigorous testing that condoms go through. It is particularly funny when they blow them up to three feet long, (yeah, you wish). They also make some pretty nice water balloons. So if you don’t get laid tonight, you can drop some condom water bombs on all the happy couples.

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