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This Is The Most Popular Video In Argentina Right Now

We’re, uh… speechless. For some strange and messed up reason, the above is the most popular video in Argentina right now. Why a clip of  five older dudes dancing to the Lorna reggaeton hit “Papi Chulo” next to a broken-down vehicle in the woods is blowing up the Argentine internets up is beyond us. Yes, it’s quite amusing (though not as entertaining as this old man dancing to techno), but… we don’t know. We’re just perplexed by the lack of context. Then again, maybe that’s why it’s so great. This video can stand on its own two feet. It’s self-sustaining and can live in a cultural vacuum. One thing’s for sure: it’s very likely that that the entire South American country just discovered what the internet is. Someone should really clue them in on “double rainbow guy.” They would seriously love that.

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