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Thom Yorke Dances To Los Amigos Invisibles

If you have scenesters in your life (who doesn’t? They breed like the Zerg in Starcraft 2, or Starcraft. Whichever), you’ve probably seen the new music video for Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower.” It’s basically the band’s lead singer dancing all weird-like and what not. Well, today, our friends over at Nacional Records (Check them out. Seriously. Amazing roster), tweeted a link to the above video showing Thom Yorke dancing to “Cuchi Cuchi” by Los Amigos Invisibles. We love it for three reasons: 1) Los Amigos Invicibles are amazing, 2) It made us LOL in real life, and 3) We’re getting so much satisfaction in knowing that so many hipsters are going to get pissed off about this mashup. HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, we’re getting a little tingly down there waiting for the angry hipster e-mails accusing us of desecrating something they hold so sacred. Where is your indie God now, punks?!

On a similar note, there’s also this other mashup that’s just as amazing. This time, Yorke dances to duranguense.  You’re welcome.

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