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Three Dominican Boys Grow Boobs

Before we write another word, please be mature about this, people. The above video comes from a Dominican Republic news broadcast called Zona 5 and it tells the story of three very unfortunate boys who, thanks to a hormonal disorder, have developed large breasts.

According to the doctor interviewed on the clip– an endocrinologist who works at the local hospital– the abnormal breast growth is caused by a hormonal imbalance that could have been treated at an early age. Unfortunately, their father is a poor produce grower who has never had the financial means to . Add to that a small genetic pool (their uncle also suffered from this), and you have a  recipe for disaster.

Of course, Zona 5 spends part of their news report telling the viewer how much these boys get made fun of and exploiting their unfortunate situation without actually providing any means to help them out. To be poor and abnormal in Latin America must surely suck.


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