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Trailer For Mexican Zombie Flick, Los Infectados

It seems like zombies are everywhere these days. Movies, TV shows, books, and video games featuring the undead are all the rage. Mexico has joined in the zombie craze with a new film called Los Infectados. The film was directed by Alejandro G. Alegre and is due out soon. It has the usual zombocalypse plot. A small group of survivors are hiding in a remote place in the woods. Naturally, the zombies eventually sniff them out and they have to make a final stand. It’s like The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, or Dawn of the Dead.

Though it might be derivative, we are all about more zombie flicks from Latin America. Even Cuba has gotten into the action with the upcoming zombie satire Juan of the Dead. For too long surviving the zombacalypse been the sole purview of white folks. There is always one black dude in the group, but he dies pretty quick. So, are we to believe no Latinos are around after the zombie plague? We want to see more of these films where Latinos live to fight another day. Maybe a Peruvian production, where the ancient Incas rise from their graves to eat delicious brains? How about one set in the Dominican Republic, where the dead staff of a resort awake to eat annoying tourists?

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