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Tribute To The Zack Morris Beige Brick Phone

This is going to date me, but my first cell phone was the classic Zack Morris beige brick. That wasn’t the brand name, it didn’t say “Zack Morris 3000” on the side. It’s just that today these phones are remembered for their most famous fictional teenage enthusiast. Kids today with their Twitters and their iPhones may find this hard to believe, but the brick was once pretty impressive. Back in 1993, cell phones were still pretty rare. You had to get them through the phone company and the reception was horrible because there weren’t many cell towers. Thanks to my hyperactively overprotective Latino mom, I got one as soon as I got my driver’s license in case I was in an accident. Too bad it had a sucky battery life and was always dead…still, it was cool.

This video pays tribute to the Zack Morris beige brick with a series of clips of…er…Zack Morris. Some person who needs to get a life in the worst way, edited together a series of clips of Zack using his phone. See the evolution of technology!

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