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Walter Mercado Is Very Sick. Did He See That Coming?

One of our favorite Spanish TV icons, Walter Mercado, is very sick. He was admitted to a hospital in Puerto Rico with chest pains and bronchitis. Doctor’s don’t know when he’s going to be able to go home. They think it’s due to the tremendous stress he’s under. No, it isn’t because the dry cleaners messed up his favorite purple cape. Walter, who changed his name to Shanti Ananda several years ago, still uses the Walter Mercado name professionally. Only it’s not his name anymore. Not because he changed it, but because it’s owned by a corporation called Bart Enterprises. Why some company wants to buy a flamboyant astrologer’s given name is beyond us. Since then, Shanti/Walter has been fighting a hard court case to get his name back. For God’s sake Bart Enterprises! Give him back his name. A world without Walter Mercado would be so much less faaaaabulous.

Here are Walter’s predictions for 2012. He doesn’t think the world will end like the Maya or the Cuban Santeros, but does say that we are in for a bumpy year. We put no stock in astrology, but he is fun to watch. Get better, Shanti/Walter!

Via Fox News Latino.

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