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The Wayne Rooney Goal Everyone Is Talking About

By now, you’ve probably heard that Wayne Rooney scored an amazing game winner against crosstown rival City to win the Manchester Derby. Here it is. Is it impressive? Of course it is. When is a bicycle kick/over-the-head goal not impressive? Yes, this score is probably Wayne Rooney’s greatest goal of all time, and is certainly a candidate for 2011’s goal of the year award. Here’s the thing though. Before all of you get all up on Rooney’s jock strap, take into consideration the following facts:

1. He’s only got 5 goals in 17 appearances in the EPL this year.
2. Wayne Rooney makes £250,000 a week. A WEEK!
3. Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and Dimitar Berbatov have more goals than Rooney (7 and 19 respectively).

This rare flash of acrobatics and athleticism (not to mention fortuitous timing) shouldn’t overshadow how overpaid he is for the dismal on-the-pitch-production. Still, it was one heck of a goal.

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