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Who is Vanessa Stiviano?

Who is the mysterious Latina that created an uproar in Donald Sterling’s life and the NBA?

Vanessa Stiviano was born Maria Vanessa Perez on October 1982. She grew up in San Antonio, Texas, in section 8 housing with a Mexican mother that was convicted of using her three kids to help her steal $113 from a supermarket.  She then moved to Los Angeles where she attended East LA high school.  In order to improve her chances of fame and fortune, she had plastic surgery. In 2010 she took the next step to gain more attention and legally changed her name to Vanessa Stiviano.  According to legal papers Stiviano is from black and Mexican descent.

It is reported that Stiviano met Sterling at the 2010 Super Bowl and since the pair have been in a relationship. Stiviano has received a Ferrari, two Bentleys and a Range Rover from Sterling, all worth more then $500,000.

Some of her legal troubles include a lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife claiming Stiviano received more than $2.5 million in lavish gifts from Sterling including a duplex Stiviano purchased for nearly $1.8 million paid for from the money Sterling gave her.

And we all know her by the infamous recording leaked on the internet where she is trying to offer Donald Sterling some juice.

Another rich old man falls victim to a gold digger. If Sterling did not have all that money my bet is that Vanessa Stiviano would not even waste her time with the old man. When will we learn that gold diggers will only show love in exchange for money and material things.

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