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Very Few Women Nominated At The Latin Grammy’s

Looks like this year’s Latin Grammy’s will be all about the male artists. Most of the categories are dominated by male artists and there is even some categories that does not have a single female artist nominated. In the three main categories there are 57 artist nominated with only 10 of those being women, that’s 18%. In the category of Record of The Year, there are 19 total nominations and the only female artists nominated in that category are Joy Huerta, Anna Tijoux and Gloria “Goyo” Martinez. In the category of Song of The year, there are only 4 female artists out of 24 nominations. The category that does not have any female artist nominated include, Best Rock Album, Best Urban Album, Best Norteño Album. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of great male artist, but where are all the great female artists?

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