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World’s Best And Strangest Hangover Remedies

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but if you’re anything like the millions of people who celebrated the holiday, then you’re probably hungover today. Luckily, hangovers are universal, and every culture around the world has the perfect elixir for the high cost of low living. Some hangover remedies are no-brainers, which is exactly how you want to feel when your brain feels like Tito Ortiz’s punching bag. Other cures seem so odd or extreme that you can’t help but wonder how bad a person had to have felt in order to invent it. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best and not so best hangover remedies from around the world.

Puerto Rico
Want to avoid a mind melting hangover? Rub a lime or lemon under your drinking arm before you go out drinking (if you’re already feeling like dog breath, this one isn’t for you). What’s the science behind it? Well, none. But the popular belief is this prevent dehydration, which is one of the main culprits of nasty hangovers. Your kidneys, for example, need hydration to work properly, and when they can’t find water from outside the body, they begin pulling water from your brain, which can survive with less water. And why not, your brain has already proven how useless it is by how much it chose to drink the night before. Sadly, this process is what causes the pounding in your brain.

Tripe soup, cow’s stomach lining bathing in delicious, spicy broth, is a world famous hangover remedy (menudo being one of the more popular tripe based dishes). While tripe itself has only minimal benefits beyond actual nutrition, the spicy soup is what makes us feel better. Endorphins are released when we eat any hot dish, which make the body feel slightly euphoric, pushing away many of the negative feelings of the hangover. This is also true of spicy drinks like Bloody Mary’s and Micheladas.

Let’s say you had a romantic night out in Sicily, but maybe you had just a few too many drinks. What do you do? Well, locals recommend eating dried bull penis to get rid of a hangover. Yep. Dried. Because eating wet bull penis would be weird, right? I’m guessing they never include this on Sicily’s tourist brochures.

United States
In the U.S., we do not typically try to kill our hangover with atomic bowls of soup or by eating bovine wieners. Instead, it’s all about comfort. We curl up on the couch with bottles of Gatorade, or coconut water, and marathon our favorite show until we’ve gotten the dust off our bones. Doctors recommend shows like True Detective or Animal Planet’s Too Cute, which have been scientifically proven to bring about a state of mental well-being.

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