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Would We Claim Mitt Romney As The First Latino President?

As I was watching the Republican debate the other night, something occurred to me: If he won, would Mitt Romney be the first Latino president? Hear me out. We previously reported on Mitt’s Mexican family. 100 or so years ago, Mitt’s great-grandfather left Utah for Mexico. This came after the Church of Latter Day Saints, (Los Mormones), decided to trade in their doctrine of plural marriage in order to become a state. His great grand-pappy had four wives. Many polygamist Mormons similarly headed south of the border where, let’s face it, you can get away with a whole lot of crazy stuff. Mitt’s grandfather and father were both born in Mexico, though Mitt is a native-born American. He still has a large family in Mexico.

We’ve also conjectured that Mitt’s strong anti-immigration stance is a way of sticking it to his Mexican relatives who aren’t that fond of him. In addition, we think that aligning himself with such vitriolic anti-immigration groups is a way of showing those conservatives that also hate Latinos that he’s on their side. The question remains: Would we embrace him as the first Latino president?

On the one hand, he isn’t of Spanish ancestry. He’s as White as a klansman’s bed sheet. Still, Spanish descent isn’t necessary to be considered Latino. Salma Hayek’s dad is Lebanese, Frida Kahlo’s father was a German Jew, and Alberto Fujimori is of Japanese descent, but we wouldn’t say that they aren’t Latino. His family is Mexican, at least by nationality, going back three generations. However, our answer to the question is a resounding no. The difference between Mitt and Salma, (besides 1500 degrees of hotness), is that Mitt does not identify himself as a Latino. In fact, his Mexican family connection only recently came out. It’s something he’s kept in the closet all these years. Also, the degree of his anti-immigration stance is unacceptable. We can all agree that our immigration laws need some serious changes, one way or another. However, Opposition to the Dream Act is just plain mean spirited. I don’t think we are so desperate to claim a Latino in the White house that we would allow Mitt that honor. Some day, (probably not soon), we will have one of our own in the White House, but not in 2012. Tell us what you think. Is Mitt Latino enough or not?


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