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Xperia Play Stages Video Game Match With Real Footballers

Publicity stunts are a mixed bag. Sometimes they’re so awful, you begin to wonder how the people behind them ever learned how to wipe their ass, much less get a job. Other times, they’re kind of cool. Sony Ericsson’s move to push their Xperia Play video game smartphone falls in the latter category.

To promote what looks like a soon-to-surely-fail attempt at getting a bigger piece of the mobile phone market, the electronics company staged a video game soccer match between Aston Villa forward Darren Bent and Tom Meighan, who I’m told is a musician who plays in what’s apparently a very popular band called Kasabian. To make things more interesting, instead of controlling pixelated footballers, they used actual human beings. Watch the video below:

It’s certainly an awesome ad campaign. Probably not enough to get us to buy an Xperia Play, but awesome nonetheless.

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