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Youtube’s First Original Channel Is In Spanish

The online video supergiant Youtube launched the first of many original channels today. Much to everyone’s surprise, it’s entirely in Spanish. Or maybe not, given the meteoritic rise of the Latino population in the last ten years and its expected growth over the coming decades. The channel, ClevverTeVe, focuses entirely on entertainment news and gossip. So, basically it’s the internet’s version of El Gordo y La Flaca but with American celebrities.

I’m going to go ahead and call it now: ClevverTeVe is going to fail big time. Why? Because the channel is hoping to bait young Latinos with nothing more than Spanish. That’s a great strategy if you’re targeting Hispanic housewives, but for Latino millenials, you’re going to have to try a little bit harder than that.

And the content isn’t good either, at least not for who they’re making it for. Let’s look at the video below, entitled “Taylor Swift Artista Del Ano En Los CMAs 2011.” Sidenote: these guys clearly didn’t see Michael Peña’s “ñ” video. Otherwise they’d know that they’re referring to Taylor as the Artist of the Butthole.

Maybe I’m wrong here but Latinos care as much about the Country Music Awards as white middle America does about Wisin And Yandel. And even if they were interested in the content, other than language, what differentiates this type of video from what E! provides?

To put it bluntly, ClevverTeVe comes across as a sad cash grab to get advertising dollars from clueless media buyers desperate for Hispanic eyeballs. Also, could you add a few more Vs to the title? Christ, are you trying to win a Scrabble match?

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