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“Zorro Reborn” Back In Production

When I was a kid, my favorite superhero was Zorro. He was the original superhero, after all and there would be no Batman without him. Also he was the only Latino superhero at the time so he was the only one I could relate to. So, I’m very happy to hear that Zorro will be riding again, only he’s not your grandfather’s Zorro. Zorro Reborn has been on and off production for years but the project stalled. Gael Garcia Bernal was attached for a while to play the titular character. This new Zorro would take place not in a colonial era Los Angeles but in an early 20th century post-apocalyptic wasteland. At least they are still looking for Zorro to be a Mexican. No word yet if the newly revived project headed by producer Mark Amin of Sobini films managed to secure Bernal as the masked rider.

I think Bernal would be a good choice to play Zorro. The part was last played on film by Antonio Banderas. Bernal is kind of the sexy Latin guy of today, so it makes sense. At least they didn’t want to hire Johnny Depp of anything ridiculous like that.

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